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Expand your business to the most attractive emerging economies of the moment. Nearly 300 million people worldwide speak Portuguese!

Are you searching for professional English Portuguese translations, with quality at a competitive price? Or perhaps looking for an English Portuguese translator? You are on the right spot. AMGMserv specializes in English into Portuguese translations of websites, e-commerce, software, Apps and video games, books, technical manuals and more.


Currently nearly 300 million people in the world speak Portuguese and the emerging economies can stimulate your revenues.


If you are looking to expand your e-commerce operations, or looking to add more customers to your website or software, we have a great tip for you. Simply translate your contents into Portuguese. We will look at why and how in a moment. Firstly, let’s look at some interesting facts about this language and the two main reasons why you should consider translating your contents into Portuguese.

Professional English Portuguese translations of e-commerce, software, website, Apps, only €0.05/word!

What do we translate?





Video games



Technical manuals


Why translate into Portuguese?


Then we have the other countries where the Portuguese language is spoken. The attractive emerging economies of South America and Africa, headed by Brazil. The economy of Brazil is the world's 9th largest economy by nominal GDP and the 8th largest by purchasing power parity.


The Brazilian economy is characterized by a mixed economy that relies on import substitution to achieve economic growth. (more details). And with nearly 230 million people, Brazil is indeed a very attractive market. And, yes, they all speak Portuguese.


Then, in Africa, Angola. The economy of Angola is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with a reported annual average GDP growth of 11.1% from 2001 to 2010 (more info). Angola has an imports index of around $19.5 billion (2017 est.), mainly for machinery and electrical equipment, vehicles and spare parts, medicines, food, textiles, military goods.

Why translate with us?


The how. Well, if you are looking for a reliable and a quality translation service, you can certainly count on us. We offer the experience and knowledge to translate your contents from English into perfect Portuguese


Not only the Iberian Portuguese, but also the Brazilian Portuguese, which is slightly different from the original Portuguese language (although the Portuguese government has signed an agreement rectifying the original Portuguese to “look” more similar to Brazilian Portuguese). 


The why. You certainly can trust our professional translations service. We would like to point out the details of the why. Firstly, and most important, in our view, is the fact that our translations are all done in-house! We do not outsource the translators for our projects on job post platforms like freelancerdotcom or Fiverr, etc. No, all our translations are assigned to a professional project manager that will oversee the development of the job and liaise between the client and the translation team. 


Our translations are carried out by our in-house professional, native Portuguese speaking translators, that are in constant contact with their country and culture, therefore always up-to-date with the latest developments in their languages. 


Our translations team have the method, the expertise and the know-how to deliver the best possible translation for your products and services, keeping the brand consistency, but, at the same time targeting a wider audience in Portuguese language. 


Our professional English Portuguese translations do not have hidden costs or additional fees for this or that. We charge a flat fee of €0.05/word, regardless of the amount of words to be translated or the type of product or service to be translated into Portuguese; a website, e-commerce, software, App, video game, book, manual, etc. You will know exactly how much it will cost from the very beginning and in the end that’s exactly what you will pay. €0.05/word. Full stop.

How to order our translations service?


Fill in the order form with your English to Portuguese translation request to receive a FREE QUOTE.


We will get back to you to evaluate your specific requirements.


We will send you a FREE QUOTE within 24 hours. Our perfect English into Portuguese translations service is priced at just €0.05/word, for a minimum of 200 words. After the final word count, you will receive a pro-forma invoice, for your acceptance.


We do also work with milestones, for example for a book translation, a manual or a website with thousands of words.


We do accept payments by SEPA bank transfer and all the major credit and debit cards. All credit and debit card payments are processed by STRIPE's secure transaction system.


Once your payment is processed, we will begin your translation request and, depending on the amount of work, we can deliver it within 24 hours.


If you need to specify anything else, please fill in the message field.


Thank you for choosing our services!

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English Portuguese translations

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Portugal GDP chart

So, answering to the question of why should you translate your e-commerce, website, software, physical products, etc. to Portuguese, there you go. If you are looking to expand your business to new attractive frontiers, do like Amazon Inc.; consider Portugal and the two of the most attractive emerging economies of the moment.


But we are not a financial website! We are a web solutions provider small company. And one of the services we provide is the name of this page. How can you translate your contents from English to Portuguese? And why should you translate your contents with us?

We charge a fixed rate of €0.05/word, regardless of the contents or the amount of words to be translated; digital good (e-commerce, website, software, etc.) or a physical good (manual, book, etc.). Whatever your requirements, our translation services will surely be able to create a tailor-made solution, offering you the highest quality, through a simplified workflow.





Quality and transparency

Other requirements?

Send us your text to translate and we will contact you with a FREE QUOTE.

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The Portuguese language around the world


The Portuguese language is currently spoken by nearly 300 million people worldwide. Yes, correct, nearly 300 million, making it the 6th most spoken language in the world, with a total of 15 countries worldwide. 


The Portuguese language, originating in the Iberian Peninsula is the sole official language of, not only Portugal, but also of some of the most attractive emerging economies of the moment like Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and São Tomé and Príncipe. The Portuguese language accounts for nearly 3% of the world population.

portuguese speaking countries

Portuguese language in the world

Portugal's economic recovery


Portugal, as a country, is currently experiencing an economic recovery (after a period of austerity in 2010). Tourism is booming and so is the real estate market. For example, in the capital, Lisbon, house prices saw an increase in the order of the 26% in the past two years. Even pop singers like Madonna have a pad in Lisbon!


There was also a mass exodus of retired European citizens to Portugal, specially from France and Italy, because of the tax credits conceded by the Portuguese government, for a period of 10 years, to people choosing to be domiciled in Portugal.


And this strategy paid off. The country is recovering steadily and even the tech giant Amazon Inc. is planning on opening an Amazon Portugal soon. So, if Amazon is lurking at the Portuguese market, why shouldn’t you as well? Economically, Portugal is becoming more stable and the appetite for new products and services is huge.

Portugal's GDP chart

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Growth for your business


Of course, to successfully enter these attractive markets a lot of marketing needs to be done; newsletters, advertising and so on. But the first step will be to translate your contents from English into Portuguese. And with that, we can help you. 


Not only we can translate your contents into Portuguese, but we can also help you with advise on every language aspect for your products or services. From Portuguese localization to the selection of the perfect user interface in Portuguese language and its variants in Brazilian, etc., for your e-commerce, website, software, App, video game, ensuring the best possible communication and the best user experience. 


Whether you are a software company, a wine producer, an App developer, an e-commerce owner, a writer, etc., we can translate your contents into Portuguese with perfect quality and deliver the finished product always on time. So, take a step forward and get in touch with us today for a free quote. 


Jump on the train to destination business growth, with our quality translation services.



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Popular phrases in English

Iberian Portuguese translation

Olá, como estás?

Hi. How are you?

Muito obrigado!

Thank you very much!

Bom dia, boa noite.

Good morning, good night.

Olá, o meu nome é... Chamo-me...

Hello, my name is... Hi, I'm...

Que lindo dia!

What a beautiful day!

Um café, por favor.

One coffee, please.

Que horas são, por favor?

What's the time, please?

Eu amo-te!

I love you.

Gosto muito de ti.

I really like you.

Prazer em conhecer-te.

Nice to meet you.

Portuguese translation of the most popular English phrases


Below, you can find some of the most popular and searched English phrases and their translations into Portuguese.

English Portuguese of most popular phrases