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Expand your business today. Enhance your website or e-commerce to reach new markets. More than 100 million people in five different countries speak Italian!

Are you searching for professional English Italian translations, with quality at a competitive price? Or maybe an English Italian translator to translate your website? You are on the right place. AMGMserv specializes in English to Italian translations of e-commerce, website, Apps, software, books. manuals and more.


Currently nearly 100 million people in Europe speak Italian and can be potential customers for your products and services, stimulating your revenues.


The multiple benefits of translating your products and services into other languages are several. The main benefit is clearly to expand your business to other markets. Translating your products or services is the key to increase your customer base. Being it your video game, software, website, e-commerce, a book or a technical manual.


We offer a specialized translation service to help you getting access to the Italian market. Why should you translate your products or services from English into Italian? Not only to access this market, but also because it is a worthwhile market.  Italy is the fourth economy in Europe and did you know that the Italian language is spoken by nearly 100 million people? Yes, that’s right, nearly 100 million new potential customers for your business. Italian is spoken not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland, parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Albania.

Professional English Italian translations of e-commerce, website, software, Apps. Only €0.05/word!

What do we translate?






Video games



Technical manuals


Italy is the 4th economy in Europe


But, on the other hand, Italy is one of the most attractive markets in Europe to do business with. Let’s look at some numbers first: The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Italy was worth 2073.90 billion US dollars in 2018. The GDP value of Italy represents 3.35% of the world economy. Quite a respectful economy, isn’t it?


So, the Italian people do have the buying power, that’s for sure. But the other characteristic that makes this market so attractive is the Italian people itself. Italians are trendy people by nature. We are not just talking about trendy fashion, but also, the latest technology, the latest App or video game.


To resume, anything digital. But not just that. Italian people are amongst the first in the world who spend considerable amounts of money in culture, yes, Italians love culture. And culture includes travel, sightseeing, an excellent book, a good reading or even a technical manual, hobbies and crafts.


Maybe you have a product or service in one of these categories? Yes? Okay. Continue reading this article and learn a little more. 

How to order our translations service?


Just fill in the order form with your request for an English to Italian translation to receive a FREE QUOTE


We will contact you to evaluate your specific needs.


Within 24 hours, you will be sent our FREE QUOTE. Our English into Italian translation services have a fixed and affordable price of just €0.05/word, for a minimum of 200 words.


As soon as we do the final word count, to be translated, you will receive our pro-forma invoice, for your approval.


In addition, we can also work with milestones, for example, for a website with thousands and thousands of words, a book or a technical manual.


We can accept SEPA bank transfer payments as well as all the major credit and debit cards. All payments by debit or credit card are processed with STRIPE, a secure transaction system.


As soon as the payment has been confirmed, we will start your translation request. Depending on the amount of work, we can deliver your translation within 24 hours


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English Italian translations

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Italian GDP chart

Italian GDP chart

Why translate into Italian?


To recap, these are the three main reasons why we are specialized in this language combination: Italians’ lack of English understanding, their buying power and their appetite for trendy.


Therefore, if you have a product or service and you are considering expanding your business into a new market, we strongly suggest the Italian market. But to be successful and reach your target audience effectively, it’s important to have your contents translated by a reliable and competent translation agency.

We charge a flat rate of €0.05/word, regardless of the amount of words or the contents to be translated; a digital good (website, e-commerce, software, etc.) or a physical one (book, manual, etc.). Whatever your requirements may be, our translation services will certainly be able to create a tailor-made solution that offers you the highest quality through a simplified workflow.





Transparency and quality

Growth for your business


Besides translating the content of your website or e-commerce, we can also provide you with advice regarding search engine optimization (SEO). With our bespoke SEO Copywriting service of articles and contents optimized for SEO in Italian (and also Portuguese), if your translation request is related to SEO positioning, we can ensure you that we will deliver you the best and most effective combination and translation possible.


We offer a professional translations service at an affordable rate and with professional Italian-speaking translators. Expand your operations to new markets and boost your business growth in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Albania and Slovenia with our professional translation English to Italian services. AMGMserv ensures you a fast turnaround and with our low-price rate per word, much cheaper than the costs of traditional agencies, you can promote your business in an attractive new market at a truly competitive price. 


Whether you are a software company, an e-commerce owner, an App developer, a writer, etc., we can translate your contents into Italian with perfect quality and deliver the finished product always on time. Go on, take a step forward. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. 


Book yourself a place on the ocean liner to destination business growth with our quality translation services. 


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The English language is unknown to Italians


Contrary to some other countries in Europe, where locals have a good knowledge and understanding of the English language, Italians are in a different situation. Based on the European Commission's Eurobarometer data, only 12.43% of the Italian population can speak English as a foreign language...


In Italy, everything, media related, is translated or dubbed in Italian. From Hollywood films to foreign TV series. And that, penalizes the natural progressive learning of the English language; listening to the audio in English while reading Italian subtitles.


On top of that, with such a deep and diverse culture, spanning from north to south, Italy is ultimetly divided in terms of language. Almost every region has its own dialect. It’s difficult for the Italian people to understand and converse with all the variations in dialect within the Italian language.


Let alone converse in a foreign language, like English. Up until the late 90's, and out of curiously, Italians used to converse in the region's own dialect, and in several parts of Italy, schools used to teach the Italian as the second language, a bit like a "foreign language"

Percentage of locals in Italy that speak English




We offer you the experience and knowledge for a perfect translation of your product or service into Italian. We offer accurate English to Italian translations for your e-commerce, book (fiction or non-fiction), technical manuals and much more. All of our translation jobs are carried in-house by our team of professional and native speaking Italian translators.


Unlike other translation agencies, we do not (EVER) outsource the translation process on job post platforms. When you hire us to translate your contents from English to Italian, we will assign a project manager with the expertise, dedication and knowledge to make sure you will get the best results possible.

Why translate with us?


We are extremely proud of our translations service. All of our translations are meticulously executed and we never use any kind of artificial intelligence. All of our translations are carried out by our team of native speakers and professional translators, who know their language well, better than anyone or anything else. Our bespoke and quality translations are exactly the best match for your translation requirements.


Not only can we translate your contents, but we can also provide advice on every language aspect for your product or service. From Italian localization to the selection of the perfect user interface in Italian language for your website, e-commerce, software, App or video game, ensuring the best possible communication and user experience. 


You can certainly trust our professional translations service. Anyway, we would like to point out the details of the "why". Firstly, and in our view, most importantly, is the fact that our translations are all done in-house! We never outsource the translators for our projects on job post platforms, like Fiverr or freelancerdotcom, etc. No. All of our translations are assigned to a professional project manager. The PM will oversee the development of the project and liaise between the client and the translation team. 


Our translations are carried out by our in-house professional, native Italian speaking translators. Our translators are always in constant contact with their country and culture. Therefore, also up-to-date with the latest developments in their languages. 


Our translations team have the expertise, know-how and the method to deliver the best possible translation for your services or products, by not only keeping the brand consistency, but, at the same time, targeting a wider audience in Italian language. 


Our professional English Italian translations do not have any additional fees or hidden costs. Nothing at all. We charge a simple flat fee of €0.05/word, regardless of the quantity of words to be translated or the type of service or product to be translated into Italian. Website, e-commerce, software, App, video game, book, manual, etc. From the very beginning you will know exactly how much it will cost and in the end that’s exactly what you will pay, €0.05/word.

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Percentage of locals in Italy that speak English
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