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AMGMserv creative web solutions & pricing.


List of our creative solutions with transparent prices and no hidden costs.

A modern and fully responsive website, designed to meet your needs. Included in the Website design package, domain and hosting for your site, SEO optimized build and an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of your customers.


Affordable website design, all-inclusive for just €249.95!

Final price, no hidden costs, no additional fees.


Design of personal websites, single page, portfolio, social, business, events, food, etc. A modern and attractive design, built with the latest tools and techniques, rendering them dynamic and responsive with the ability to adapt to any screen size.


Your online presence with a beautiful and modern website starts today.

We can also design and build your next website in Portuguese and/or Italian languages.

Web Design Pack


 Mobile responsive

SEO optimized

Up to 6 pages



Up to 6 email accounts

SSL 2048bit certificate

Cloudflare CDN

Affordable website design

Professional translations service

It's a huge world out there, and the internet makes it even easier to do business.  But if your products or services are presented in just a single language it inevitably means that there are many other markets that you can't reach with your products or services in just one language. If you're looking for a reason to have a multilingual presence, here's the main reason:


Translations simply put, more languages = more customers

That's a huge reason. The Internet is truly a global phenomenon.  Consider the fact that the vast majority of Internet users are outside of your country. Most of them do not even speak English. Customers are easier to reach and persuade if you talk to them in their own language, which is a clear reason to localize and translate your data.


The same goes for any company anywhere in the world. Your regional clients are just the tip of a much bigger iceberg. When you decide to translate your website or e-commerce, your software, App or videogame, book or technical manual, you are entering their world and thus also growing your business across your bounds.


AMGMserv offers a professional English Portuguese translations service that enables you to reach customers from some of the most interesting emerging economies of the moment, with over 200 million potential new clients; Portugal, Brazil, Angola. 


Moreover, AMGMserv offers a specialized service of English Italian translations that guarantees you access to the 4th economy in Europe, with over 100 million potential new customers exponentially increasing your turnover. 


Portuguese translations




Italian translations



SEO Copywriting

Are you wondering what is SEO Copywriting and if it is important for your website?


SEO Copywriting is a specific form of text writing for online publication. It contains the keywords, the words that your audience types into a search engine to find the requested information. It helps online content to get a higher ranking in search results, like Google. It also increases qualifying traffic. SEO Copywriting is a quality text. Full stop. Keywords should not make the text difficult to read, appear repetitive or lose its conversion focus.


How does SEO Copywriting differ from traditional copywriting?


The main distinction is that SEO Copywriting contains the key strings. For example a key phrase: white cotton t-shirts. Typing keywords on Google's search engine is what we do every day, isn't that right?


We enter words in Google's search box to get the answers to our questions. But the fact is, SEO Copywriting is much more than just inserting keywords into content. Google also wants to "see" quality content that fully answers readers' questions and stands out from the competition. According to some, you can insert a bunch of keywords into the content and still get a high positioning in the rankings of a search engine (commonly known as keyword stuffing). 


Well, not quite. Google has become wiser and smarter and things have changed. Now your content needs to be of high quality to get Google to position it at the top.


AMGMserv offers a SEO Copywriting service precisely for this purpose; we author content and articles optimized for SEO, for your website or e-commerce. We can write content and articles in English, Portuguese and Italian about any subject.


To meet Google SEO standards, our articles contain a minimum of a 1000 words and pass all the strict controls related to plagiarism, keyword stuffing, etc.

SEO optimized content and articles 





Articles with 1000+ words

SEO Optimized

Any subject or topic

Contents in Italian

Contents in English

Contents in Portuguese

* Domain Name and Web hosting included for 12 months with our Web Design Pack.

After the 12 months, the domain and hosting renewal have a cost of €69,95 per year.